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MATR maintains a full time office with an Executive Director/Legislative Representative and Staff. The office carries out the policies of the Board and the membership in order to protect the interests and future of our membership.


MATR's legislative representative, under the direction of the Officers and Board, represents the MATR Membership before the Missouri General Assembly, the Missouri Executive Branch and the United States Congress in Washington D.C., on numerous proposed laws, rules, and regulations that could potentially affect members. Among these are laws dealing with licenses, vehicle titles, environmental issues, auto theft, taxes, fees, inspections, record keeping, property use, and many other areas of regulation. MATR actively works with officials from numerous State agencies including the Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles, Department of Natural Resources, Highway Patrol, and the Department of Transportation. MATR also meets with representatives of the insurance industry regularly to discuss issues of common interest.

As a result of the unifies efforts of member salvage dealers throughout the State, we have accomplished much over the years. The original salvage law passed in 1978, and amended in 1983, made it easier to deal with older vehicles, their titles, and bills of sales. Legislation has also been passed to limit those who can purchase vehicles at salvage auctions and pools to those licensed persons displaying a Department of Revenue identification card. Through the efforts of MATR in the legislature and with state agencies, the interests of MATR members can be protected from harmful legislation and helped by beneficial laws and policies; in a way to protect your future and your customers; and to promote and improve the image of the industry.


MATR publishes timely industry news and information to the members. It is also provided to associations in other states, as well as governmental officials who request to be on the mailing list. MATR members receive the latest in industry news, what's going on, what to expect and watch for, how they can help and be helped by MATR's efforts.

When there is a matter of special interest, MATR provides memos and emails to members on up-to-date information explaining the impact on their business.

MATR sponsors and conducts seminars and workshops to provide our membership with materials, films, and slides to keep them up to date on every aspect of the industry.


MATR sponsors and encourages numerous activities that promote the image of the recycler and dismantler as an important and responsible part of the business community. Educational outreach programs point out to the public the benefits of buying recycled parts and materials on the economy and environment.


MATR holds an annual convention and trade show each year. The Annual Meeting includes special programs such as tours of area salvage yards or other facilities so that members can see what others in the industry are doing and thus gain some ideas on how to improve their own operations. Seminars, workshops and films are scheduled to keep members posted on recent developments in the industry. State officials are often invited to discuss issues of mutual interest and allow MATR members to express their position on governmental issues. Exhibitors at the trade show display products and services, which include ways to improve the recyclers and dismantlers operations and income. For this years Convention Information, Click Here .


MATR activities are funded almost entirely by annual dues which are $400.00 per year for regular members, $200.00 for each additional location, and $275.00 per year for associate members. Annual dues are due and payable January 1st of each year. MATR has approximately 75 regular members and 8 Associate members. The Association is undertaking a very aggressive membership development program to retain present members. Expanding our membership will allow us to be more effective and provide more services to our members. The strength lies in the numbers.


MATR is proud of the attitude of our members and the willingness to help one another. Regardless of the problem, whether it is compliance with a license law or keeping of records, there are MATR members or staff ready, willing, and able to help you.

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