Missouri Auto and Truck Recyclers Association

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MATR activities are funded almost entirely by annual dues which are $400 per year for regular members, $200 for each additional location, and $275 per year for associate members. Annual dues are due and payable January 1st of each year. MATR has approximately 75 regular members and 8 Associate members. The Association is undertaking a very aggressive membership development program to retain present members. Expanding our membership will allow us to be more effective and provide more services to our members. The strength lies in the numbers.

  • MATR retains the services of legislative counsel in Jefferson City to monitor proposed new laws, changes in current laws and new regulatory proposal and rules changes.
  • MATR publishes a newsletter 6 times a year at no charge with the latest information on business tips on subjects ranging from insurance, to updates on new products and services and more.
  • MATR maintains a website featuring information about the industry for consumers, a membership and associate member on-line roster with direct links to their websites.
  • MATR produces an annual convention & trade show featuring exhibitors showing off their latest products and services.
  • MATR maintains an office reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone or fax.

All this and more for only $400 a year!

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    Additional locations are charged $200 annually
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Active/Regular Membership: 1) Applicant must be any individual, corporation, firm, partnership, incorporated or unincorporated association or any other legal or commercial entity with ownership interest in an automobile and truck recycling business operated within the State of Missouri, 2) holds a valid Missouri salvage dealers license, and 3) derives a substantial portion of the income from the dismantling, and sale and/or exchange of used automobile and truck parts provided, however, that a person, who does not possess an ownership interest in an automobile and truck recycling business operated within the State of Missouri but who is engaged as the full-time manager of such a business and would otherwise qualify for membership, shall with the written consent of the owner thereof not be denied membership.

Associate Membership: Any entity or person not meeting the eligibility requirements for active membership as herein above provided shall upon the approval of the Membership Committee be eligible to become an Associate Member of the Association.